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Nov 30th, 2016
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Top with Emotional Intelligence

Executives with a strong Emotional Quotient (EQ), along with a strong Intelligence Quotient (IQ), are quickly becoming the leaders who ultimately make the best decisions and lead the most rewarding lives. These ten practical strategies will support you in bringing brand-new life and amazing chances to you every day, both personally and professionally.

    1. Become conscious of your own emotions and how they affect others. Make a list of your strengths and your limitations when the heat is on. If you fast to anger or curtness, take a personal “time out” before communicating with a staff member, associate, friend, or family member.
    2. Display sincerity, credibility, and dependability in all actions. Before you go to sleep at night, ask yourself this concern: “Did I live per what I know is ideal for me and for others?”.
    3. Be versatile. Your ability to adapt to a rapidly altering world and to the altering needs of your employees/colleagues/family will set you aside from the crowd when it comes to being an effective leader.
    4. Include humor and laughter in each of work and play. Research studies reveal that laughter is the most infectious of all feelings. As soon as an individual hears laughter, a favorable chain reaction spreads through the group, leading to a boost in efficiency.
    5. Develop a mindset of optimism. Find the favorable in every situation, even when something negative has taken place. Document these positive comments in a journal, and speak them out loud to 3 individuals. You will ultimately establish a mindset of optimism, which will have a positive impact on others.
    6. Develop compassion by understanding the sensations of others and seeing their viewpoint before you decide. This will make you approachable, and others will discover quickly that you care about them and wish to hear exactly what they should state.
    7. Cultivate abundantly and fulfilling relationships with employees outside of work. Host one social function monthly, and take this time to get to understand your staff members and their families on an extremely individual level.
    8. Develop a democratic management style: one that is based on collaboration, teamwork, active listening, dispute management, and impact.
    9. Be dedicated to a high level of achievement. Your drive to improve performance and to fulfill high requirements of excellence will set the tone for victory for you and your business.
    10. Be committed to recognizing and meeting the requirements of your followers, clients, and consumers. They are the future of your company, so interact with them regularly and often.

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